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Where to stroll in Paris without traffic

Paris is probably the best city on the planet to explore by walking! Parisians love to find the numerous gems in its avenues!
In case you're interested and need to realize where to appreciate the city away from chaos, read on and discover where to stroll in Paris without traffic!

The Marais and the Montmartre neighbourhood


Paris created "Paris Respire" ("Paris Breathes") territories to expand the number of pedestrian zones in the city. These zones are shut to traffic on Sundays and occasions, from 10 am to 6 pm.
The areas of Marais and Montmartre are two of the regions that you can appreciate during these days. The Champs-Elysées is additionally shut to traffic on the main Sunday of every month!

The Rue Montorgueil


At the Rue Montorgueil, you will find a mix of authentic architectures, old bistros, pastry shops and numerous cafés.
This road is certainly one of our top choices in Paris! In case you're in the city, you should not miss the Rue Montorgueil and its extraordinary environment! Toward the beginning of the day, the road has an exceptional context. Smell the captivating aroma of bistro and warm cakes while getting a climate of cordiality between local people.

The Les Halles zone


You can appreciate this free-traffic region each day of the year! You can visit the Center Pompidou and its gallery or grab a bite at the Fontaine des Innocents and appreciate the bistros patios. You can do such a large number of things without worrying about the passage of cars!

The Rue de la Huchette



In the heart of the Latin Quarter, a couple of steps from the Saint Michel Fountain, you will find the beautiful Rue de la Huchette. This road will be a pleasure for those of you who need to experience the most beautiful parts of the city of Paris. Many Jazz lovers head to the Caveau de la Huchette jazz club, which is probably the most prestigious of the French capital! In case you're more into a theatre, go to the Thêatre de la Huchette that got a Molière prize in 2000.

The Rue Cler


The Rue Cler is truly like the Rue Montorgueil as far as environment and assortment of stores and bistros.
A ton of Parisians goes shopping for food because the selections of shops are so extraordinary! You will cherish this road in case you're looking from typical Parisian foods.
It's the ideal street to be at in case you don't know where to go for lunch!


The covered passages

The covered passages are additionally an extraordinary alternative! Inside Parisian secured passages, there are numerous cafés, boutiques, teahouses and theatres.
The Passage des Panoramas is the most established one, it dates back from 1799. Every passage has its masterpieces. In one, you will discover classical sellers. In another, you will discover cloth manufacturers.

In the Galerie Viviene, which is near the beautiful Palais Royal, there are numerous chic boutiques, including the boutique of Christian Louboutin. In the Passage du Grand Cerf, you will be stunned by its stupendous structure. It is one of our top picks! In case you're searching for vintage things, you will adore the Passage Verdeau.
Every section has a remarkable style and every has an own special charm!


The riverbanks of the Seine



The riverbanks of the Seine are another astounding free-traffic region in Paris! It's the ideal spot for whoever needs to exercise or relax. It is exceptionally pleasure throughout the late spring, when bistros, canal boats and parks are accessible! I suggest this to everybody who needs to escape from chaos city.


Try not to miss the Journée sans Voiture



Save this date! On September, 22nd of 2020, the entire city of Paris will be free-vehicle! It is the Journée Sans Voiture, which implies the "Car Free Day". It will be an open door for you to find and explore Paris boulevards, visit its tourist spots and take pictures directly in the centre of enormous roads! It surely is a day you would prefer not to miss!