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Rome & Florence

Family Holiday | Food and wine | Culture Immersion | Small Group Journey

Accommodation: Signature hotels, Wine Estate
Availability: January To December
Rome & Florence
The Eternal City is a must visit during any holiday to Italy, especially for lovers of classical antiquity. By meandering around the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon, you can almost conjure images of days gone by in your mind: gladiators competing for glory, toga draped politicians discussing matters of the Senate, and pious Romans praying and drinking libations to their plethora of gods and goddesses. Step slightly forward in time as you progress to outlandish Florence, the one-time home of the filthy rich Medici family, which still oozes splendour and culture down every cobblestone street. The epicentre of art during the Renaissance, here you can visit full-to-brimming galleries that boast original works by the great masters, from Raphael to Caravaggio. One of the most magical is the Uffizi Gallery’s Vasari corridor, which displays works in a long, covered passage that used to be used by the Medici rulers to walk across the city undetected. And of course, any trip to Florence wouldn’t be complete without seeing Michelangelo’s David, the sculpture that has been used as a standard for the divine beauty of the human form since its creation.

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Price Includes

  • Welcome briefing upon arrival with our local assistant
  • Daily breakfast
  • 5 nights in charming hotels
  • Small Group Tour: Visit of Vatican, Entrance Fee Included. Transfers not included
  • Driver Guided tour “Tuscany Countryside” with en route stop in Siena and Monteriggioni. Pick up in Rome and drop off in Florence
  • 1 Typical Lunch In Siena
  • 1 wine tasting in Chianti area
  • Small Group Tour: Walking Tour of Florence