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Rome, Amalfi Coast & Apulia

Active Vacation | Culture Immersion | Small Group Journey
Availability: April To November
Rome, Amalfi Coast & Apulia
Fancy topping up the Sunny Italy tour, so you can also explore the delights of Apulia? Then our “Rome, Amalfi Coast & Apulia” package is perfect for you! Just as in the previous tour, you’ll be able get a flavour of the ancient Italian capital before heading down the country to bask in the warm southern sunshine, explore the renowned archaeological site of Pompeii, relax on the tranquil and luxurious Amalfi Coast, one of Italy’s most famous coastlines that will take your breath away with azure blue seas and quaint cliff-top villages. Set out to sea for a boat trip to the glamorous island of Capri, a popular haunt of celebrities with copious designer shops, and endless natural beauty, the famous Blue Grotto – a dazzling underwater cave where the sea glows electric blue due to the way the sun passes through it – being just one example of the enchanting sights to see on this tour-de-force of Italian beauty. Then, after your Amalfi adventure, you’ll head on to Apulia to explore unique villages, such as Matera (the third oldest city in the world) and Alberobello with its quirky, whitewashed, conical-roofed Trulli houses, before enjoying a typically Pugliese cooking class to whet your appetite for this region’s incomparable cuisine. 

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